Do you think after the incident, whenever Toothless did something like this, Hiccup was just the tiniest bit scared of him

whenever Toothless’ eyes contract into a slit, Hiccup gets the shivers. He shakes them off straight away. That wasn’t Toothless that day, in the battlefield.
That was just some mindless beast… right?

Can someone write a fanfic?


Night Fury Love

I drew this a while back and had it as my tumblr icon some time ago. I was inspired by the night fury symbol and of Toothless and my own OC Night Fury, Dust. I figured I should share it on here and hope everyone likes it. All I ask is no one use this with out my permission as I said on my Deviantart account. This is a symbol I came up with so I could use it for myself one day. I am either planning to have it tattoo on me or as some one mentioned make into a pendant.

The other image is my symbol (the same one) I let JimCrowe use on their reception gifts for their wedding. I think they turned out great and I am happy I could help in their wedding in some way.

I can not stress enough that no one use this image with out my consent. I hope if someone does see this used by someone else they notify me.


httyd + the moment astrid fell in love with hiccup

I wouldn’t say “fall in LOVE”, but I will say this: if you listen closely you can hear her heart skip a beat. That’s probably the most serious and determined she’s ever seen Hiccup in her life. And that’s both surprising and noteworthy from where she’s standing. That’s the moment she started seeing and appreciating Hiccup’s qualities — everything that happens afterwards only serves to feed this newfound admiration for him. But it’s not like Astrid went through a total change of heart — remember, Hiccup changed a lot too. Finding Toothless made him a better person. Finding the Red Death gave him a new purpose, and seeing Astrid’s reaction during the flight probably made him rethink his choices; maybe, just maybe, he would be able to reason with his people.